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8 Must-Try Home Lighting Design Ideas

Home Lighting Design Ideas


Lighting and electricity have been one of the most important things that we as humans have been using ever since their invention. We have been depending on  light to carry on with our sleep and work schedules.  Let’s take a virtual tour of the long journey the shiny world of lighting took to become the integral part of our homes that it is today.

Around 70,000 BC, the civilisations of those times realised that they needed to rely on artificial lighting. From this came the idea of wicks using natural fat. Much much later, torches became the most common and widely used tool for lighting up homes. A little further into civilization, during  the mediaeval ages, animal fat and candles were a major part of lighting ideas. Candle holders and big fancy chandeliers also gained a lot of popularity during thor times for their grandeur and novelty and were often used as a display of wealth and class.

Of course, the world has seen a lot of progress and passed many significant milestones over the last few centuries when it comes to lighting up our homes.  Indoor lighting has developed from bulky candles to intelligent lighting systems controlled by human gestures and motions. Lighting plays an important role in the aesthetics and ambiance of a home, and also shows the taste and preferences of its occupants .

 The Best Lighting Ideas For Homes 

Putting a lot of thought into the lighting ideas for homes can show its potential by brightening up a dim space. The right home lighting design is one that enhances the interiors, highlights the dull or ignored  corners and conjures up a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Lighting is often one of the last things on the minds of  home-owners , as they often mostly focus on other minute aesthetics of home-decor and thus, proper lighting gets neglected. But trust the experts when they say that  lighting plays a vital role in grabbing attention and bringing your focus on different elements of decor. It is quite important  to understand how you can properly utilise lighting and where to place it for optimal results. After all, your home is the place that is supposed to light up your life and offer you comfort!

All right, we know the importance of great lighting. However, before you decide on the perfect home lighting design for your home, you need to understand the basic types of lighting and their characteristics. Different types of lighting are great for different spaces in the house. To help you out, here is a  basic list for aesthetic room decoration ideas with lights. 

  1. Ambient lighting-

Ambient lighting is the main light source of the room. It envelops the room in soft light, enhances visibility and provides illumination that goes into every nook and corner. This kind of lighting lets you navigate your entire room safely. 

  1. Task lighting

Think of task lighting as something that helps you focus more on the task at hand. Whether you are reading a book, typing on your computer or doing anything else at close range, this kind of lighting puts the spotlight on what you are doing at the moment. It helps you see more effectively. This type of lighting works well in a contrast light setting. For example, a table lamp with a good focused beam in a low-lit room is more effective than a harsh, high-glare tubelight all around.

  1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is great at setting the whole vibe and ambience of a space by channelling concentrated light at a certain focal point. Accent lighting  is a great way of creating a theatrical look by illuminating statement pieces and blurring other areas that tend to be ignored. You can use accent lighting to highlight pieces of artwork, shelves, furniture and architectural flourishes that you admire and want to bring attention to in your home interiors.

Home lighting designs for different spaces of the house

  1. Foyer

The foyer of a house is the first thing people walk into. It makes the first impression, so it’s important to dress it up with warm and welcoming lighting. You can go for ambient lighting decorations like chandeliers, wall sconces, etc which beautifully bathe the foyer area in soft, golden light and create a welcoming look. You may also want to highlight focal points and welcoming pieces. Thus, it is a good idea to add some accent lighting with focus lights.

  1. Living room

The living room is a versatile space but also the place where most guests will sit in and admire your tastes, so it’s important to keep the living room lights between mellow and cheerful. You can go for functional lighting through a smartly layered combination of overhead lights, floor lighting and table lamps. In this age of technology and smart homes, you can also choose to install dimmers to dial up the ambience or down as per the requirements and mood. 

  1. Dining room

The dining room of a house is a space reserved for intimate meals and warm conversation with friends, family and loved ones. Thus, it’s always a good choice if you give it a relaxed, off-duty vibe. Similar to lighting ideas for the living room, you can consider  adding dimmers to transform your  dining space from muted to party-like in seconds. A great choice of lighting is a statement chandelier or pendant over the dining table, and aesthetic mood lighting by using small or medium sized floor lamps.

  1. Kitchen

People may think that the kitchen does not require any particular lighting as it is just the kitchen, after all. However, you can definitely use aesthetic lighting for the kitchen area while still maintaining its functionality. It is a good idea to choose lighting that is practical, focused and downward-facing, so that your counters are well-lit and you can clearly see when you are cooking. You might also use under-cabinet lighting to accentuate the kitchen counter space and highlight the less seen, shadowed corners. For the main ambient feature, you can pick a pendant to give the kitchen ceiling some depth and definition.

  1. Bedroom

It is well known that soft colours induce relaxation. You may consider creating a relaxing, restful atmosphere in your bedroom with mellow mood lighting. Bedside lamps, sconces with dimmers and a restrained pendant or chandelier channels are excellent lighting choices for bedrooms.  


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