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What Are the Best Designs for Modular Kitchens?

Designs for Modular Kitchens


The kitchen is the heart of the house where all the food is made with love. In today’s times,  people live very fast paced lives and want everything quickly.  Thus, people these days want designs for modular kitchens  that are efficient and organised, which lets them spend time with family after a hectic day. Due to their benefits and aesthetic organisation,  U shaped modular kitchen designs have emerged as a very popular choice for the Indian market as well as interior designers. If you are looking for kitchen designs to show your interior company in Bangalore, here are eight  designs that will speed up your work in the kitchen and make your home more beautiful.

1. Modular Red & Wood Finish Kitchen 

With brilliant red cabinet designs, this design is a star. It is sure to brighten up the entire kitchen space.  It is a design that is sure to encourage more family socialisation and even small  get togethers in the kitchen. The kitchen also has a convenient counter for your short meals and conversations. Wood and granite are brought together in a great mix to make the whole area look elegant and modern. The counter with a bright finish also brings in some perfect contrast in the whole red and woody theme. In this modular kitchen design, both modern and contemporary aspects come together to give you an interesting mix with formal and informal elements.

2. Classic Neutral White Finish

If you are looking for calming designs for modular kitchens, this is the perfect choice for you. It gets its calm aura from the snow-white colour scheme. The mix of white and wooden touch adds contrasts that go beautifully with each other. The design also features overhead kitchen cabinets in a classy wood grain finish. These cabinets will offer a lot of storage space, therefore reducing clutter. To add to the storage space, there are also bottom cabinets to store plates and other frequently used kitchen utensils.  So, along with being a calming white themed kitchen, it also has lots of storage options to reduce hassle. 

3. Contemporary U-shaped Modular Kitchen Designs

U-shaped Modular Kitchen Designs

It is safe to say that the desire of every homemaker is a functional,  compact, and contemporary kitchen.  U-shaped modular kitchens designs are a popular  choice . These modular kitchens are the most suitable for small and medium sized spaces. The designs help the homemaker to separate the kitchen utilities and functions as per their need. In modern U-shaped modular kitchens designs , the space for kitchen accessories is all fitted into one wall and the other side is used for the hood and the  hob. The design also features  compact storage  spaces that are easily accessible. 

 4. Unique Grey and Wooden Theme

Are you looking for modular kitchen designs that can segregate the space to improve efficiency? If yes, then this is the perfect choice for you.This design has designated and  specific areas for cooking, storage and even food preparation, thus giving the homemaker the benefit of maximum space utilisation. Show this elegant kitchen design to your home interior designers in Bangalore to bring in a lot of attention to your space with its unique colour scheme and wooden flooring. The design also features monochromatic walls  in the minimalist kitchen. These features make it a charming area.  

5. Frosty White Kitchen With Zero Clutter

If you are someone who is wondering how you can efficiently maximise storage options without making the area cluttered, this modular kitchen design is for you. When you show it to a good interior company in Bangalore, rest assured that it will help you achieve a beautiful and elegant kitchen. A main feature of this design is the storage it has along the entire wall, which can hold a great amount of things and thus, the homemaker has a neat, calm and clutter free cooking experience. This L shaped  kitchen design has modern handle free cabinets. The kitchen is also lit up with LED lights to give it a dynamic look. All these elements combined  make cooking more efficient and clutter-free for the homemaker. 

6. U shaped modular kitchen designs with dual uses

The modern U-shaped modular kitchen designs  are a great way of doing more with less. The design gives you a  countertop and a dining space simultaneously . A  U-shaped kitchen also helps the homemaker to store or arrange all the necessary kitchen accessories in an organised manner, as it offers a lot of storage options. These kinds of designs are the perfect kitchen & home designs for any homemaker, because they usually have platforms and breakfast counters that are convenient and perfectly planned. These designs offer a lot of storage space and work surface that is a huge benefit to every individual. 

7. Black, Red and White Designs For Modular Kitchens 

A hugely popular design that is often given to home interior designers in Bangalore is the open kitchen design. These famous designs are a great way of making the kitchen look bigger than it actually may be. The overall layout often gets a lot of careful planning to make sure that the homemaker gets enough space for regular kitchen amenities like a refrigerator, sink, hood and hob, and an area for food preparation. Keeping the entire design  minimal and fresh is a great and easy way of  lending a warm, welcoming and cosy feel to the kitchen and rest of the home.

8. Classic Designs For Modular Kitchens-The  Wooden Finish 

The right interior company in Bangalore will give you contemporary modular kitchen ideas that are efficient and smartly designed. An L-shape kitchen is a good choice for many homes. It has an open plan style that makes it a very efficient layout in these busy times for homemakers. The design also features countertops that offer better ease of access without interrupting the workflow and efficiency in the kitchen.  The design can also incorporate wooden finish cabinets and chic storage cabinets with soft close drawer systems. All these elements come together to give the homemaker a beautiful classic kitchen that will improve his or her efficiency greatly. 


If you are looking to improve the looks of your kitchen while also making sure it is functional, it is a good idea to approach home interior designers in Bangalore to get the best designs for modular kitchens.  

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