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15 Creative Bedroom Wall Design Ideas for Your Space

Bedroom Wall Design Ideas

The bedroom walls are often left blank or with only a basic paint color. Be that as it may, there are numerous innovative and fun ways of improving your room walls and make the space more customized. The following are 15 bedroom wall design thoughts to move you:


Backdrop is a flexible and effective method for adding example, variety or surface to your walls. It can totally change the look and feel of a room. Look for removable wallpapers if you want the option to change it up in the future without damage.

Some wallpaper ideas for the bedroom wall design include floral, botanical or nature inspired patterns in soft colors. Geometric or abstract wallpaper in bold colors could also work well. Metallic or textured wallpapers like grasscloths add luxury. Peel and stick removable wallpapers are easy to install yourself.

Now, how do you choose the right wallpaper for your room?

Here are some tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your room:

  • Consider the style of your room and home. Traditional, modern, rustic? Pick a wallpaper that matches or complements the aesthetic.
  • Contemplate the size and aspects of the room. Bold, large-scale prints may overwhelm a small space while delicate patterns get lost in large rooms. 
  • Choose a color palette that suits the use of the room. Cool tones like blues and greens can create a calming atmosphere for bedrooms while bright colors energize work spaces. 
  • Check the material and texture of the wallpaper. Smooth vinyl is easy to clean while textured options add visual interest. Grasscloth feels luxurious.
  • Look at your lighting – wallpapers with shine work well in bright rooms while matte finishes suit low-lit spaces. 
  • Pattern placement matters. Make sure the repeat works with your wall dimensions to avoid awkward cuts. 
  • Consider easy removal if you may want to change it later. Peel-and-stick and removable options are safer than glue-on.
  • Inspect samples in your home lighting before buying a large quantity. Colors may vary from the website. 
  • Budget the installation process too – it requires time and tools to do it right. 

Take measurements, browse design options thoroughly online or in stores, and test samples at home before committing to a wallpaper choice for your specific room.   

Statement Wall

A statement wall is where you fully decorate one accent wall to make a bold design feature. 

For a statement wall, consider painting one wall a feature color. You could also add wall decals, vinyl stickers, wall art or framed photos in a gallery wall style. Wallpaper a statement wall for high impact. Floating shelves with plants, books or trinkets also work.

Chalkboard Paint

Using chalkboard paint on a small section of wall lets you get creative. Write notes, reminders or doodle before wiping clean. Chalkboard paint a wall space near the bed or desk for an interactive element. It’s especially fun for kids’ rooms. The paint comes in many colors too, not just black.

Murals or Large Wall Art

Commission a local artist to paint a mural tailored to your style. Or hang several large canvas art pieces together for a gallery wall effect. Murals can depict anything from landscapes and nature scenes to abstract designs. Large canvas art or framed posters clustered together make a bold statement.

String Lights

String Lights

String lights draped artfully around the room or on the headboard add a romantic glow. Battery operated ones let you control the mood lighting. String white, colored or copper lights along the top of walls, around windows or on the bed frame. They make a great feature after dark.

Wall Shelves

Floating shelves mounted high provide functional display space without cluttering the floor. Add shelves in groups of varying depths for displaying photos, plants, books, trinkets and decor. Mount above the bed for an architectural element. Wood or iron shelves fit many styles.

Wall Quotes

Inspiring words printed or written on decorative boards personalized the space.

Display wall art, mounted quotes, letters or sayings meaningful to you. Hang a gallery wall of inspirational prints. Write your own quote on a chalkboard or message board for an interactive touch.

Wallpaper Border

A wallpaper border near the ceiling or floor adds pattern without overpowering.

Choose a delicate floral, geometric or nature print border that coordinates with your color scheme. It’s a simpler decorative option than full wallpaper.

Painted Accent Wall

Paint just one wall a bolder color for visual interest without overpowering the space.

Paint an accent wall in your favorite hue – perhaps the wall above or beside the bed. Softer tones like pale blue, gray or blush work well. Or on the other hand go for a more brilliant pop of variety.

Decorative Wall Panels

Mount decorative wall panels individually or in a grid for a unique three-dimensional look.

Try wood, rattan or fabric wrapped wall panels in varying depths. Arrange in a grid formation or cluster a few together. Hang photos behind for a layered look.

DIY Wall Art

Get creative making your own wall hangings from photos, fabric, wood or other materials with personal meaning.

Design your own wall art by arranging photos in frames, canvas printing memories, or mounting fabric designs. Distress wood letters or shapes to add character.

Rustic Wall Accents

Incorporate natural elements like branches, dried flowers or moss for an earthy bedroom vibe.

Display dried floral arrangements, twig branches or bark artfully on the walls. Moss letters or shapes add living greenery. Distressed wood signs fit rustic or farmhouse styles.

Pegboard Wall

Hang photos, notes, strings of beads and more from the pegboard using pins or hook. Change up the display easily whenever you like for a fun interactive wall.

Pegboard lets you customize your wall décor without permanent fixtures. Dress it up with string lights or garlands for different looks throughout the year. 

DIY Chalk Art 

Chalk art brings color and creativity to your walls without any tools. Design your own doodles, quotes or patterns.

Use chalk pens in an array of hues to draw directly on smooth wall surfaces like concrete, brick or paneling. Wipe clean when you want a fresh start. Kids and adults alike find it relaxing and uplifting.

Photo Wall Collage

A creative way to display meaningful photos on your bedroom wall is through a large collage. Arrange them on a large board or across an entire wall in an aesthetically pleasing layout. 

You can curate photos by color, theme or era for visual cohesion. Utilize various sizes and directions for visual interest. Consider matting or framing some photos for protection. String lights behind adds glow. A photo wall brings happy memories into your space every day.

Summing up, these 15 imaginative bedroom wall design thoughts give a lot of motivation to change your space in exceptional and customized ways. From backdrop and paintings to Do-It-Yourself projects, consider your style and what might cause your room walls to feel more like a statement of you. 

Use chalk pens in an array of hues to draw directly on smooth wall surfaces like concrete, brick or paneling. Wipe clean when you want a fresh start. Kids and adults alike find it relaxing and uplifting.

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